For many, the idea of working on an animal sanctuary or on a shelter evokes images of casually feeding the critters, a very joyous and easy task at that. It is true animals require feeding at different times but here at our  Otter Creek animal rescue there are many varied equally important tasks, each of which is vital to the wellbeing of the animals. For example, with an abundance of cats, we desperately need “cuddlers”, those who like to pat the cats and play with them, brush them, trim their nails. And of course, clean their litter boxes thoroughly, which is not quite an easy smell free task, but vital.

If you are allergic to specific animals we are always grateful if you can build things. Take the ducks for example. We have only two of a necessary six framed summer enclosures with children’s pools in them, allowing those creatures fun under the sun during the daylight hours, before being returned to safe spaces to avoid the abundance of predatory animals in these neck of the woods.

With ten solid acres to tend to you can use your imagination as to how much work is available from grass cutting, gardening, fence mending, painting to waterproof various areas, cleaning the barns, moving hay and straw around, cleaning the hoofs of “Sunny”, our miniature stallion, carrying pails of water all day long to our Holstein cows and for Wilber, our mammoth but friendly Wild Boar, checking up and removing shrubs from the electric wiring fencing around our cow pastures. You get the picture. It isn’t only feeding the rescue animals that we are in need of.


As well, we are constantly fundraising. If you can bake you can make a difference. If you can sell some of the large inventory of special antiques which were recently donated, great. We now have a new button for sale to support our cause. Want to sponsor some of the costs of your favorite animal here? You may decide to have a picture taken with your favorite animal and purchase a custom order shirt.

If you have a tractor you will save us a lot of expense as we have to do everything on the farm yard by hand.  If you love driving you should know that every day of the year we pick up scraps from various supermarkets to supplement the diet of numerous farm animals. We pay drivers to do this, as we do for our social media activity which we are about to step up. Our full time director, which we are actively looking to hire, is a paid position.


Love birds? We have dozens in an inside aviary and the cages need constant attention.

Love to make things with your carpentry skills? Our cats and dogs are in constant demand for new enclosures. Speaking of dogs…they need their exercise and bathroom walks around the clock.

Good with massages? Wilbur, the boar loves a daily belly rub!

The ducks need to be carried, one at a time to their swimming pond and returned in the evening. The hose must be carried and configured over the fences to set up a waterfall for Wilbur on hot days. This way he becomes as happy as a pig in mud!


Let’s be honest: EVERYONE has a skill that can make a contribution to this wonderful caring environment. We have just listed a few of the endless activities on this busy facility.  It takes a team to keep things running smoothly. If you are planning a trip, remember we offer plenty of parking and a scenic easy to find location smack across the street of the world famous UNESCO Heritage site of the Rideau Canal System featuring Edmonds Locks  where families can enjoy  a boat launch, a great dock to fish off, and plenty of picnic tables.

Why not drop us a line introducing yourself, telling us about your special skill and explore when we can expect you to participate.

If you like working with people, please join us.

We need a volunteer coordinator, a foster home screener and, as you may have noticed on our Job Openings tab, we continue to search for that proverbial challenge, a one in a million permanent CEO for Otter Creek. A leader who is up for the pause for paws cause!


Come and join the team!