How You Can Help

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We are always in need of volunteers who can provide the muscle work that takes place daily. However, if you are not a physical person you can also make a direct donation or ongoing support payments. You realize that the entire operation relies on private funding. We provide private tours for a fee, generally $25 per family. But we need continued regular funding to survive. If you believe what we are doing makes a world of difference for the animals here and you wish to be part of this by funding us, please send any donations to our PayPal account. You can do it now, by clicking on the above button!

If you allow us, we will acknowledge your contribution in a new section of our web site publically thanking you for your support.

We will be spending a lot of our time chronicling the highs and lows of our journey of running this unusual facility. We plan to provide serious content and pictures but will charge a fee of $15 per month for this service to help sustain our operations here and justify the time it takes to share this information.

If you support the ideas on this website, you can make a world of difference to this campaign by posting a link on Facebook (in addition to other social media pages) and request your friends do the same!

Thank you for your support!