A Message from Our Voluntary Caretaker

This new public fundraising drive represents a radical department from our quiet private sanctuary activities. We have operated under the generous donations of friends and, as most shelters will tell you, the energy behind our operations have come from a single individual, myself. Naturally, after six long dedicated years without any financial compensation and without even  a half day off at that, I am somewhat exhausted in every conceivable way. This is a built in hazard for anyone who engages in projects of the heart where you want to make a difference. We are now more high profile, especially after a bad viral wave of publicity which just happened to us, like life itself. As such we are looking at creative ways to sustain our operations. Right now it just happens to be a world ranked sports collection, the personal archives of the founder of the relatively new sport of basketball, the second most widely played and watched sport in the world. The comprehensive collection is being painfully broken up into bite sized lots. We are asking those that think as we do for ongoing donations and in return, aside from showing and sharing with you our compassionate care for animals that would otherwise be killed for no reason at all, we are donating to you a piece of history. This collection that has been donated for fundraising purposes was accessed at one million  dollars Canadian by the owner of the leading basketball auction house. His personal  evaluation is contained in a report reproduced on this web site in the confidential government study. We are for the first time since purchasing this archives breaking up the collection so many people can buy in. The  spirit behind our activity is to find like minded animal lovers who will fund us to allow our unusual work to continue. The priceless basketball archives are the way we say thank you.

We hope, this time around, any publicity will revolve around our compassionate care for animals.

In caring spirits,